Custom Recordation/watch

Customs Watch

MokPoon provides assistance in respect of IP rights recordal before the Customs, and related watching services and legal services in the process of stopping infringed products import/export before the customs.

       Necessary Documents for Custom Recordal:

       ▷  certificate copy of the IP right:

       ▷  the copy of identification document of the applicant:

       ▷  In the event that the applicant is a corporation, it refers to a incorporation certificate of the company, whereas, if the applicant is individual, it refers to a copy of the ID card or passport of the applicant. 

       ▷  a Power of Attorney:

        Optional Documents for Custom Recordal:

       ▷  list of authorized users; 

       ▷  relevant pictures of the goods;  

       ▷  the information of the infringer suspect;  

       ▷  Related legal documents and etc.